Residential Painting

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Repainting Services

Straight Paint Limited is your first and last point of call when it comes to repainting residential properties. We understand that all painting projects should start with the right preparations, so it’s an important step we don’t overlook or rush.

Paint is as good as the substrate below it, and we pride ourselves in getting this part of the painting process correct. Our residential painting contractors see to it that the repainting jobs we offer you are cost-effective and long lasting. We only use premium paint products and consumables to make sure we achieve your desired outcome.

New Home Painting

At Straight Paint Limited, we know the feeling of pride and enjoyment homeowners feel in having a new home. We’re committed to provide a superior finish to newly built houses through quality residential painting services and the use of high standard paints and products.

We offer competitive pricing—from the planning process, if necessary—and make sure the project will have set timeframes to make the painting process organised. We have completed different projects in a large number of new homes, so we know the requirements necessary to work in and around this kind of job. Our residential painting contractors are motivated and results-driven.

Home Renovations

Home renovations can be stressful, especially to a homeowner who isn’t prepared. At Straight Paint Limited, we are here to remove the burden from your shoulders. We offer timely and cost-effective residential painting services that are worth the investment. We stick to the schedule—or get the job done faster, if possible— to make sure you don’t have to leave home for long.

Roof Painting

Our roof painting team will have your roof looking like new in no time at all.  We paint a wide variety of roofs and use quality roof paint so we can offer a guarantee of up to 15 years when you get your roof painted by us.

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